Come Experience Rap Instrumentals & Jamaican Music Riddim Culture

Welcome to dub culture a premier rap instrumentals & Jamaican music riddim culture resource online! If this is your first time here you might be asking yourself a couple of questions right now:

1. What is dub any way? We are dedicated to instrumental music with a hip hop or reggae edge.

2. What is this site going to do for me? What we will do for you is explore the world of instrumentals and deliver music like no one else will. Let me give you the r & b version or ah ahem!

Ever heard the thump of an instrumental track and wondered what was on the producer's mind when they made this piece of art! You reach for the cover/case to see who made this masterpiece. This song is one to grow on!! Yes sir, this is what it's all about. You press to replay the tune time after time and you discover something new that you like with almost every listen. Is that you? If so, welcome! You may be reading this at home but you are on the road... a cyber-road to music heaven.

Still not sure that a site about rap instrumentals & Jamaican music riddim culture is for you well read on…

We love to explore the instrumental world and are striving to become more knowledgeable authority on raw instrumentals, riddims or dub plates. How do you describe a rhythm in lay terms with little formal musical training? We will explore that one later... Let's just say for now... "There is something about certain hits that everyone feels. Whether it is Tony Matterhorn ‘Dutty wine’ or ‘Busta Rhymes’ touch it that moves everybody."

The underground feel it... the youths in the street feel it but wait! The song is also tearing through the burbs and maybe world-wide. This is the essence of what we are attempting to capture here.

Here is a small synopsis of how the origins of dancehall reggae music share some similarities with that of hip hop music:

Dancehall djs created up an intriguing and unique situation when multiple artists touch the same riddim. This similar to hip hop freestyling and gives a live and raw feel to many old version records. I have heard an older man call this New York style but it’s really Jamaican dancehall style. I guess that my good man was not around when all the teenagers and young adults stood around on a line waiting to ‘chat’ over the same tune - but it's time for everybody to know this. is your spot for rap instrumentals & Jamaican music riddim culture, and we try to get into the nitty gritty of how a strong instrumental affects a track.

Here comes a few more self-righteous trinkets about rap instrumentals & Jamaican music riddim culture...

1. We are electronic and proud and will proclaim it loud. We all may not know how to play every instrument but we can program a beat that sounds great to the ears. (Electronic Studio Elements)

2. We have heard that sampling is thievery well I’ll ask if they have heard a Tribe called quest electric relaxation and how it sounds compared to the original sample? (DJ Based Cultures)

3. We are sonic musicians and we are here to play. We love to experience the lifestyle and the people but it is the music which is first and foremost most important to us. (No gossip or politricin')

4. Music captures a moment in time (reality) or a moment in fiction (imagination/subconcious reality). A piece of creative work that captures a moment in time is our definition of art.

What else can we say about rap instrumentals & Jamaican music riddim culture? We love it and look forward to the next tune that inspires us to embrace life to the fullest!!

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