Tips on composing free rap instrumentals and commercial ones

All-right we said no gossip but, heights we have to discuss the free rap instrumentals word on the street somewhere you know... Common sense info making beats… we are not necessarily covering the latest rap/dancehall news but - for example: how you should conduct things in the instrumental music professional (industry standards).

What are some of your questions? Maybe they have already been answered. Did you know like 98% of the people making electronic music wouldn’t mind receiving some sort of compensation for their work. We don’t know any of the other 2% but we think that they exist. These numbers are made up anyway…

If you like good music and you also like creating it, this advice is definitely worth a read and reread to retain the material. We sound like real teachers now yuck!! No offense to the teachers we love you… you perform a great job for society’s future. In fact we ARE teaching so take a look at our tips on vocals, general tips and let us know if they’ve helped.

A legal guide to making money with your music
General Q & A
Free rap instrumentals facts Did you know?
Tips on manipulating vocals
Assorted tips (MUST READ)