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The internet and culture… our dub culture covers some aspects of the history of our banging drum machine, mixer, sound system and turntable music. We can highlight the beginnings of dub music, how it enhanced Dj culture and how it has manifested into some of the most popular musical forms in the world today.

It’s the creativity that it takes to stand out and be heard when you and everybody around you are perceived as not having anything going for you. How do you capture poverty consciousness and yet not remain a financially poor person? How do you create music without instruments? How do you turn a drum machine into a stand alone instrument? Let’s take the time to explore instrumental music at a high or general level.

We called this website dub culture one because a dub is mainly an instrumental and is also a remix or different version of original music. Hip hop and dancehall are mainly different cultures but the two are from the same family tree and share many of the same creative aesthetics.

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