Free Rap Instrumentals Beats and Drums Chopping

Ok, so you have to record > save > trim > compress…
lower bit rate… fry/process free rap instrumentals beats and repeat. Once your drums sound good everything else falls into place. Once your loops take charge your listeners and the haters have nowhere to run; they just have to appreciate. They have to acknowledge that this is next level business!

How do you make your loops capture a scene like sunlight breaking after a late afternoon thunder storm with birds chirping and all that good stuff…. every time! How do you make beats that will make somebody’s neck nod their head or make a young lady want to do a hand stand and wine on a dirty Heineken drenched club floor or make somebody take notice after being bored out of their mind for the past twenty minutes… or, or, or okay you are starting to get it.

Build killer kick drums today
Free rap instrumentals beats & loops