Sampling as it pertains to rap instrumentals and modern music

Sampling, at most times play a crucial role in creating the prefect rap instrumentals and dancehall riddims. There are numerous styles to create beats and tunes. We will explore different approaches to chop and remix that classic stuff. The prefect beats and riddims are usually polished but rough. It sounds simple and in a lot of cases it can be, but to produce consistent quality beats takes a few years of work.

Fundamentally, sampling can be evaluated as follows: garbage in and garbage out classic in pretty good out – then the work begins. This is the easiest manner to evaluate the results of this craft. Some folks just head straight for someone else’s hit or would-be hit/near miss and loop it (Puff Daddy in the 90s). Other beat makers chop and slice other people’s music into obscurity and turn the results into a rap instrumentals masterpiece (Dj Premier)

Sampling serves its purpose since a lot of music with just synths and eletronic modules sound rightfully plastic. There is no substitute for real instruments though. They sound organic but won't match a totally fresh creative out-put which can be accomplished by a sampler and sampling.

But wait a minute what if I play sample my own ish!? People are getting smarter, but wait you are no musical genius like you think and everyone around you tells you. See, they are all probably cornballs. You can’t trust them to tell you the truth. You can’t play a Wurlitzer like Ray Charles. Your guitar can’t sound like Marley’s. And even if you do get to that level that’s just one instrument. Not to mention the obsolete studio equipment and techniques which were used to get that sound that you love?

To put it simple computers can do what people can't without getting tired or taking a break. You might want to sample a little bit. Go ahead everybody does it these days plus you won’t be cool if you don’t sample. Gotta love the peer pressure man, hehehe.

Introduction to sampling for rap instrumentals