Fundamental dj scratching techniques

Dj scratching techniques deserve a site on its own but it’s not that type of website so whatever:) This practice is not as important to dancehall music as it is in hip hop production (even though it is no longer consideredsomething that you have to do in hip-hop). We still could not do a site which covers hip hop beats and not include the topic of scratching.

First of all when considering improving or developing dj skills - Djs make the best hip hop producers. Yes, I said it! Consider Premo, Dr Dre and Pete Rock for one. It seems that skills behind the tables are essential to becoming king of beats.

This fact can be debated because the art form has now evolved to the point that the beat machine/keyboard programming and musicianship of a producer makes them legendary these days. Nothing wrong with this statement but the point still holds true that scratching is an essential skill for a hip hop dj. Besides, there is still nothing that sounds more raw on a track than a few well placed stabs, jabs and cuts.

From seasoned turntablist to novice, another perspective on this skill should help you to hone your craft to a tee.

Dj scratching techniques