Articles: Create official instrumentals that suit your style

Creating official instrumentals... You have to wonder sometimes how some people get their music to sound a certain way. From our experience in life we have to say that most of the musical leaders (people everybody follows) are just born with that particular genius to create music.

Our god-given genius or genie makes anything we want possible. Your genius may or may not be music but we still have accumulated some articles which hopefully help you on your path to developing your ultimate sound.

You may be interested in warming up the sound of your digital audio gear or what maximizing and normalizing can do for you. Come on man, really… are those crunchy sounding drums ever going to get played out? Not that we want them to go but you still have to wonder… Do you even know how the equalization of music works? Why does Barrington Levy’s ‘Here I Come’ sound as good today as it did in 1985? The whether you make electronica, reggae or bass music there is technical information with can be used to build beats.

A guide on the delay effect
What is compression?
Normalizing and Maximizing
Arranging rhythm sections to create official instrumentals
Warm up your digital audio workstation by using analog gear