Customized hip hop beats arrangements

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Hip-hop arrangements tend to be on the simple side. As with most other types of music, there is an intro, verse, chorus and many repeats of the verse-chorus combo. Usually, the intro contains vocalists introducing themselves and hyping up the track that follows. While a rarity nowadays, there may even be an outro skit to conclude an outstanding arrangement.

The real art of arranging though is in the edit. Dropping elements in and out of the last bar of a section is one of the most effective tricks in hip-hop. Dropping places emphasis on vocals and can highlight a really good lyric.

The trick to dropping is to build excitement and keep the audience interested. This can be tracked back to the days when hip-hop was made live on two turntables and a DJ mixer. The dropped elements can be anything from the bassline, the samples or the beats. You can even drop everything except on of those. Check out any dance floor and you will see the crowd rocking to drops and edits.

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