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Home Studio advice. Recording Vocals from demo music recording. If your walls are not treated then record in the closet. Leave clothes in there they absorb more sound than Auralex foam. Put up a blanket and have the mic facing the blanket. The blanket will dampen the low-mids. If you can’t use a blanket you will have a lot of reflection (frequencies which bounce off the walls) and you will pick up a lot of garbage tones home recording tips. Try hanging the blanket from the ceiling. Free standing works better than putting it on a wall.

Try purchasing the Neumann U87. It’s the cheapest Neumann and it is standard in urban music at this time. The Avalon 737 is a mic pre amp, EQ and compressor. The 737 give a warm sound. It takes the edge off digital recordings.

Monitors that sound flat and crappy are good like the Yamaha NS10. You have to work to make your music sound good. If the music sounds good on those, it will sound good everywhere else. Listen to your mix on a boom box and (or) car to see if it sounds good.

A Pro Tools/Digidesign Digi 002 rack is also good for a home home recording tips system. You don’t really have to use a console because everything can be done on a computer ( recommends a Mac) Get an external hard drive and do nightly backups.

When EQing vocals it is best to take away than add on. Put a lowpass filter on the vocals. This will eliminate low rumble and ground noise. If it is set at 45-60 hertz anything 60 and under wont get into the recording. You can add low pass to your mic pre amp. Low pass will cut these unwanted frequencies before they get recorded home recording tips. You can also use a plugin called X-Noise to record a couple bars of room noise and click learn. The plugin now knows the noise you want to remove. When you load the vocals it will remove the unwanted noise.

The home studio is surrounded by challenges so you can train your ears really well. Learn to listen to your music and not just hear your music. Hook up all your equipment yourself so you can know when something goes wrong. Practice troubleshooting and remedy the problems.

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