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EQ = Equalization

Equalization is a basic yet versatile tool in the musician’s arsenal. Although it can be a hard to master, if you train your ears to detect perceived sonic qualities with frequency bands, you will be able to quickly enhance a sound. It will even allow you to make a tonal correction without experimentation.

Several different types of EQ exist. They range from simple tone controls to parametric equalizers and notch filters. Tone controls are for broad adjustments while the notch filters operate precisely on specific frequencies.

The sonic spectrum runs from 20 cycles per second (20Hz) to 22,000 cycles per second (22kHz). Certain parts of this spectrum are known for particular characteristics. Hi-fi speakers that emphasize frequencies at 1 kHz are known for their ‘nasal’ sound; an equalizer with a low Q value will fix this problem On the other hand, speakers that are not efficient in reproducing frequencies between 100 to 500 Hz, will sound ‘thin’; use an equalizer with a medium Q value to fix this problem.

An EQ curve characterizes the changes in the frequency spectrum of the incoming signal. In order to get a clear visual representation of the impact of current settings, the EQ curve is best viewed graphically.

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