A Total Rundown on Sampling: Free Sample Hip Hop Beats

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Pick a Machine that matches your style:
The best way to make sample-based beats, is to pick a platform that allows you to record, edit, and sequence. Your main choice will be between hardware and software. Numerous hardware drum machine and workstations provide a selection that do it all. The size of the computer screen, processing power, and sample capacity are some of the advantages of choosing software. On a large screen, you can see your samples more clearly and do all sorts of editing tricks faster than most hardware. Stick with whatever hardware or software you choose and master it. Reread the manual several times. Getting into funk mode will take less time the faster you are editing samples.

Start With High-Quality Samples:
Always start with the cleanest possible sounds. Making a clean sample dirty is an easy task.

Cleaning up a dirty sample is nearly impossible. Having options will definitely expand your creativity.

To get a good idea of what’s really going on in the sample, monitor the sample through headphone first. Your sample will be noisier, the more devices (record, CD)it has to go through. Putting your CD player or turntable into the sampling device will give you the luxury of adding an EQ and gain before you record it.

Make sure you don’t distort your samples:
Having loud samples is the way to go. If your samples are distorted, you’re playing yourself. Making sure the input levels are just slightly hitting “red” on your mixer’s LEDs will maximize the gain structure when you sample. You can turn up a quiet sample a make it knock, but fixing a distorted sample is whole different story.

Sampling loops in stereo is a good habit to get into from the beginning. You will get a full-sounding sample and sometimes you get variations in a loop when you solo the left or the right side of the free sample hip hop beats. In today’s game most machines have ample memory so you can take advantage of stereo sampling.

The perfect beat:
Beat digging and collecting samples is time well spent. That unique snare from a jazz record or that monster kick that you made by layering four different ones is what gives you your signature sound. Dig hard and experiment. Don’t be scared to use the internet as a source of inspiration.

Remember where you got you the sample please:
Write down all of your sample sources. In case you have to clear the free sample hip hop beats in the future, it’s necessary to know where your loops came from.

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