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Gotta build your hooks man. In hip-hop sometimes the bassline is the melody. Sometimes there is a bassline with no melody. Even still, there can be a melody with no bassline. In hip-hop it is hard to know if you should start with the bassline or the melody.

There are a few simple tenants of hip-hop. Remembering these items when creating your sound will always bring good results. Hip-hop brings disparate elements together; never be afraid to experiment. A simple formula for a good riff is to play on the first beat of the bar, quickly mute it, then pick it up at around the third beat. Finally, basslines are used to reinforce the beat; they should be treated as another percussion element rather than a melodic one.

When putting your hooks together, think about this: there are three reasons hip-hop can get away with having bass that will shake the floor. First, individual notes have room to breathe with a relatively slow hip-hop tempo. Next, hip-hop often contains a simple beat and bassline which make it sparse. Finally, base patterns are played so low that the pitch of single notes can not be recognized.

The key to hip-hop bass is to keep it sub-bass oriented and simple. The decision to keep your bassline simple or funky will depend on the style of hip-hop you are producing. Fast and funky tunes will require more bouncy b-lines, while other hip-hop will have a more simple and punchy bassline. A sampled or played melody will often play in bursts. A widely used trick is to have a full bassline in the chorus and simple sub-bass stabs every couple of bars. Oddly enough, sometimes a track does not contain a bassline at all.

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