Making the perfect kick drum samples


Processing the sounds

Layer your kicks, blend different combos and styles of kick together and see how you like the sound. You can combine one for a heavy thump and another for a more melodious feel. Try taking along 808 with a sub-bass and another punchy type of kick and layer them. Compress them hard but be careful to not kill the initial punch as that is what will first grab the listeners' ears, it's the most important part.

Everybody's sound is at your disposal, since the drums are key you can bite your way to the same glory! Hey don't look at me funny, this type of thing is happening everyday.

If there are other instrument over the drums, play with modualution on the sampler's low-pass filter and envelop the sound to produce the desired results. Set the filter to begin processing after the initial punch of the sample. It should then drop down quickly to clean out or cover up any remaining instruments in the sample, Only the lower frequencies can be heard and that's how you get a nice bassy clear sounding kick drum!

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