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Sound Degradation after recording

If listen to rap instrumentals and your drums sound good coming out the MPC or Triton but the impact is lost in pro tools it may be a case of bad A/D Analog Digital converters going in and out. The signal has to be converted from analog to digital going in to pro tools and then digital to analog coming out of your computer. The digital clock may behaving errors. Basically something or all things are cheap. It could be the mic pre-amp, the plug-ins may be cheap sounding. You also maybe using your EQs and filters incorrectly.

Clearing Samples

If you clear samples at the last minute the owners of the original music will have more leverage against you. When you don’t clear your samples if there is a dispute, the record company will freeze the royalties account until the beef is resolved. Even if you are a part of a platinum selling record you will have to wait until these issues are resolved. Document everything so that you know where the music comes from when time comes to clear the sample. People want to still get paid off hip hop because the music still sells well compared to other genres.

Laptop for beats

When you buy laptop for making beats an Intel Pentium 3 should be the minimum at 300MHZ or better. Get about 256 megs of Ram but you need 512mb to be safe these days. If you get a MAC get a G3, G4, or G5 processor with the same ram as the PC. You should also get an external hard drive to back up you work. You can get software such Reason and FL Studio. Get a controller such the as M-Audio Oxygen or M-Audio Trigger Finger if you want MPC Drumpads. There are also competitors to the the hardware mentioned. Research and choose the brands which work best for you.


Buy a cheap digital audio workstation DAW. Get some friends that want to sing and rap and record them. Ask a person that has experience to review your work and give you feedback. Make sure that you learn something everyday. The most important part is listen to rap instrumentals and for you to be actively recording.

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