Hard Drive for Music Beats

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Maintenance of Your Music Beats Hard Drive:

Defrag, the latest Operating System and security upgrades, backups all new files or copy of the total drive image onto a separate hard drive or other media. There are also websites that can backup you material for you online the services are usually free or cheap and the copies are most importantly remote.

PC Drives are connected by SATA or PATA format and SCSI and SAS. The ATA format is kind of another way of saying IDE or EIDE. PATA is another format which connects up to two hard drives using 40 pin cables. In this case there is the Master-Slave thing relationship (does anybody see a problem with this?)

Serial ATA is becoming the new standard the speeds of 10000 rpm. There is no master-slave relationship. SCSI and SAS are the speedsters. They are mostly on servers. The real high speed external drives are USB and FireWire. There is slow to fast USB 1.1, USB 2 and FireWire 400 and 800. You also need 10,000 rpm, about 8 mb cache. You should not go less than 7,200 rpms for music. Avoid chaining your USB and FireWire devices if possible due to bandwidth threshold. Oh by the way… Make sure the hard drive is huge. 9/07