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To Make Money as a Professional Producer

1. Start Your Business:
2. Get a lawyer
3. a manager and
4. an accountant.
5. Read: This Business of Music, 10th Edition Music, Money and Success:

The Bomb Squad pieced together the ‘Nation of Millions’ with a Akai S900 sampler and a Roland TR 808. Imagine this; the S900 has a storage capacity of 750 kb or 11.75 seconds of sampling time at 40kHz.

You can recreate this sound with the following

Logic’s ESX24 and Native Instruments, e-LAB’s Foundation ROMpler, Proppellerhead’s Rebirth

Boss SP-505 Goovesampler, Serato scratch live.

There is a software that claims that it can predict a hit record. Run your beats through that one.

www.polyphonichmi.com or www.musintelligence.com

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