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I obscure samples to the degree that people will go ”Where did you get that?’ Even if I played it the person who made the original sample, I’d like to go ‘Oh man, I like what you did.’ I don’t like to lift whole songs, like they sometimes do these days. [ says: how could you if you respect what music is as an art form in general.] I like to make it mine, in an artistic way. I don’t just rip it off and loop it. It has to have substance to it.” “Everything I do comes from Djing, because using samples is one of the ways in which we create music in the hip-hop world. It goes back to not having an instrument and being able to put a band together. So we used music that fits our atmosphere, and you have to understand how to convert samples into a format that works for our culture.”

“Even if it’s jazz or the quiet storm. I’ll hook a beat up convert it in a hip-hop form” Rakim’s a rap producer too!!

Now I love Pro Tools, I can’t deny it. But I use it with a dj mentality, and I am still against it in certain ways. I think Serato [Scratch], which I just started using, is more dedicated to the DJ who has paid his dues and has carried billions of records. I play what I have gained through my whole knowledge of music and my library, and the same thing applies to Pro Tools. I think Pro Tools is a great gift for all of us who have dealt with tape. It can do a lot of things that I couldn’t do in analogue; it allows you to mess up, and re-mess up and redo and undo, and so on. I am just in a whole different world and frame of mind these days and Pro Tools just enhances me as a producer and a person.

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